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The Serve City Food Pantry

The Serve City Food Pantry - open to all of our neighbors in the City of Hamilton and Butler County and focused on providing nutritious food for those dealing with hunger, food insecurity, or just need a bit of help.


Qualifying Requirements

  1. Over 18 - Photo I.D. only and proof of Butler County residence (waived during Covid-19 Pandemic)

  2. Under 18 - Birth certificate or insurance card only.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday: 10-3pm (Must be in line by 2:30 to be served)

Donations are gladly accepted at the pantry Monday-Saturday 8am-2pm.

Elsa's Cupboard Pet Food Pantry


Elsa's Cupboard provides assistance to Butler County families with dogs and cats. We believe the best place for our furry companions is in the safety of their homes. However, too many families are forced to surrender them every year citing lack of access to affordable food. Serve City is striving to turn the tide by connecting clients with access to food, cat litter and other supplies that will ensure their companions stay with their families. Since launching in October 2021, we have served 1,660 clients providing over 8,700 LBs of pet food. Serve City accepts donations of pet food and supplies to distribute through Elsa's Cupboard.

This service is offered during regular Choice Food Pantry hours while supplies are available

Sophie's Baby Pantry

Our newest initiative at Serve City, Sophie's Baby Pantry, provides assistance to Butler County families with children under 2 years of age. Supplies including diapers, wipes, food, clothing and more are offered to guardians in need of assistance in caring for their babies. This program is offered in partnership with the Butler County ESC's Early Childhood Programs. Support staff through their organization will be onsite to distribute supplies and enroll clients in programs providing additional assistance including car seats and cribs. 

This service is only offered on Tuesdays from 10am - 1pm in the Serve City Choice Food Pantry

Serve City Partners

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