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Love Your Neighbor - Ruth

Have A Heart For Ruth

Have a heart for Ruth, a former Serve City resident who now resides at the YWCA. Here is her story, told in her words.

Hurt – I went through domestic violence where someone poisoned me for three years. I dealt with mental illness years ago. I got addicted to prescription drugs when I worked in a hospital. Those are the worst to use. A girlfriend said come down and retire. I moved away to Florida. I came back to Ohio when a friend at the police department picked me up and brought me back. I stayed in my van 225 days by choice. I also stayed at a church parking lot. I didn’t ask for help. I tried to reconnect with my son who is an addict nine years ago. When my son is in active use, he doesn’t talk to me.

Help - Serve City – I had an argument with my roommate. I had stuff packed up. Then two officers came, and she said I scratched her. I went to jail and saw Judge Gattermeyer. He ordered me to Serve City. I walked there. It’s the best thing that could have happened. The people there are great. I spent a year and a half in Step 1 and 2 apartments. God put me Step 2. My room had a window and two big trees. The window gave me peace. I fed the birds. It was only temporary, but it got me through. Ms. Amber applied for me, and I went from Step 2 to the Y’s new building. I’m an introvert. I love nature and dogs. I just adopted Miles, no one wanted him. He saved me.

Hope – I want to go back to school. Maybe get a Pell Grant and study psychology. I studied psychology once. I learned about human behavior and why people do what they do. I also learned from You Tube videos. I wanted to be in criminal law, forensics. I work now. I do the books for car lot. It lets me drive a nice car. One day, I’m planning on saving money. I’ll get a piece of land. I’m going to get a tiny house. Or I may stay here forever. It’s safe.

Ruth describes herself as selfless.

Have a heart for Ruth, a selfless woman.

To give to our Love Your Neighbor campaign please click the logo to donate online. To mail donations please send to:

Serve City 622 East Ave Hamilton, Ohio 45011.

*All proceeds will go to benefits our residents.

To learn more about the steps of our Move Forward housing program click here.

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