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Love Your Neighbor - Tina

Have a heart for Tina (Pat’s daughter)

Here is her story, told in her words, about the hurts from the past that led her to become homeless, the help she currently receives at Serve City, and the hope she holds for her future moving forward.

Hurt – Mostly what happened, my late grandmother passed away in October 2022. She had put herself in a nursing home in Dayton. She passed in Dayton hospice. My mom and I got evicted. We had been there almost thirty years. We all lived there but had to leave. All our stuff got put out. My mom and I ended up staying in hotels.

Help - My mom has been here at Serve City two times. She got her place the second time at the Step 2 apartments on July 2nd. I got in downstairs but ended up upstairs with my mother. I’m close to her. Ever since we’ve been around each other, it’s been better. We’ve been happier. We’re trying to rebuild what we lost. It’s going to take time. I’m 33 now. I’ll be 34 in September. It’s still kind of rough. Still, I’m loving every minute.

Hope - I plan to go eighteen months at Step 2. Hopefully good will come out of it. I’m moving forward with what could happen and what could be in store. I’m willing to go forward with the plan and take the strides. I’ve got determination. I’m willing to do whatever comes to me to move forward. It will work in my favor, whatever will be. It’s all been positive. I have a confident heart. And kindness. I will be able to show what I need to others.

Tina describes herself as “special”.

Please have a heart for Tina, a special young woman.

To give to our Love Your Neighbor campaign please click the logo to donate online. To mail donations please send to:

Serve City 622 East Ave Hamilton, Ohio 45011.

*All proceeds will go to benefits our residents.

To learn more about the steps of our Move Forward housing program click here.

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