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Love Your Neighbor - Women Residents

Have a Heart for the Women Who Reside in the Shelter Dormitory

Here is the reason Serve City landed on our Have a Heart theme for this year’s Love Your Neighbor Campaign. Please read this update on the need, our praise report on where the campaign stands, and our goal to bless the women who reside in the shelter dorm.

Hurt – Women experiencing homeless often arrive at Serve City because of unmet spiritual, mental, physical, financial, relational, and educational needs. Though homeless describes them, it does not define them. While the residents appreciate the shelter and having a safe place to stay, as women, God designed them to also appreciate aesthetically pleasing (pretty) spaces that look and feel comfortable and that function well. The shelter dormitory provides a temporary home for up to 13 females at a time, but it fails to meet these other needs.

Help – Two weeks ago, on February 1st, we launched our Love Your Neighbor Campaign with the goal of raising $10,000 to go toward improving the women’s shelter dormitory. We’ve blogged the stories of residents along with their images and words they selected to describe themselves. They’ve genuinely shared the hurts from the past that have led them to experience homelessness. They’ve informed readers about the help they currently receive from Serve City (and the help they’ve received in the past). They’ve expressed their hope for the future – a better, preferred future God has prepared for them. They’ve asked you to have a heart for them, your neighbors. And many of you have shown your hearts by donating $6,300!

Thank you so much!

Hope – As we celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we hope that you will step into the gaps with our neighbors – and the women specifically, who are hurting and in need of a pretty, comfortable, functional shelter dormitory. With your help, we can reach the goal of another $3,700.

Jesus had a heart for all of us, and He laid down His life to demonstrate His love (John 15:13). Please have a heart for the women who reside in the Serve City women’s dormitory and demonstrate it by giving to the Love Your Neighbor Campaign. Thank you and God bless.

To give to our Love Your Neighbor campaign please click the logo to donate online. To mail donations please send to:

Serve City 622 East Ave Hamilton, Ohio 45011.

*All proceeds will go to benefits our residents.

To learn more about the steps of our Move Forward housing program click here.

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